The Impact of Social Media on Intellectual Security at Students of Universities: an Applied Study on Jordanian Universities

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Dr. Mazen Mohammad Al-Fedawi


Social media has been prevalently used, especially among students in Universities, leading to harmful behaviours in educational institutions. The current study has been focused on revealing the levels of social media use and intellectual security at students in Jordanian Universities, and investigating the impact of social media use on intellectual security. A descriptive approach was used to achieve the study aim and its related objectives. A self-reported questionnaire was used for collecting data from the study sample that consisted of (250) students who were selected randomly. The study has found that the use of social media and intellectual security in the study sample was found at a high level with the mean of (4.15±0.34) and (4.18±0.72) respectively. Also, the results revealed a significant and negative impact of social media use on the students’ intellectual security with (F= -357.106, P = 0.00 < 0.05).


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