On the Security of Governmental Hashtags Against Hijacking. A Case Study of #توكلنا Hashtag.

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Ohoud Alshabib, Amal Alruwaili, Waad Almadhy , Dr. Osama Ouda .


Social media plays an important role in spreading data effectively. However, although social media programs have numerous benefits, they also have a share of dangers. Government organizations utilize social media to produce modern thoughts within the intrigued of the government, improve decisions and unravel issues. Twitter is one of the well-known social media programs utilized by numerous government offices as a way to discover the conclusions of the community because it gives a quick and adaptable instrument for disseminating data through the hashtag. The Saudi Ministry of Health launched the "Tawakkalna" application to limit the spread of Coronavirus in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the Saudi Ministry of Health launched the hashtag #توكلنا on Twitter to know people's opinions, receive their suggestions about this application, and provide quick solutions to them if they encounter problems in using this application during the period of social distancing. Malicious attackers might try to steal popular government hashtags with the goal of distorting the reputation of the government in front of its people.  The goal of this Paper is to investigate the security of hashtag #توكلنا. We utilize the hashjacker tool to protect this hashtag during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that this hashtag can serve as a useful communication tool between the Saudi people and their government during the pandemic. In our research paper, we used the hashjacker tool to protect the hashtag #توكلنا, for the Saudi Ministry Of Health. Through this tool we were able to identify and distinguish tweets on twitter and whether they were hijacked or not.

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