Antecedents of Customer Loyalty at Telecomm Sector

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Awais Ali Agha, Aamir Rashid, Rizwana Rasheed, Sherbaz Khan, Umer Khan


Loyalty is a deep commitment to repurchase a product or service despite the situational factors and marketing efforts that may cause a change in purchasing behavior. Customer loyalty is an ongoing process and needs proper strategies. The current market of the telecommunication industry is facing challenges of satisfying and retaining customers as they are exposed to more comprehensive options. Many factors affect customer loyalty. Thus, these factors should be identified in order to make better and improve customer loyalty. The purpose of this study was to identify the "Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the Mobile Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan: A Case Study on Jazz." Therefore, the study selected four variables that could significantly affect customer loyalty. These variables were Service Quality, Trust, Corporate Image, and Switching Costs. This study used a quantitative research method to test the relationship where the data was collected from primary sources. Primary data in the research was collected with the help of a close-ended questionnaire. Questionnaires were filled out by mobile phone consumers regarding the factors affecting customer loyalty. The study found that the selected independent variables (Service Quality, Trust, Corporate Image, and Switching Costs) have a significant and positive impact on Customer Loyalty.

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