Task Based Approach- A New Dimension to Language: What, How and Why? An Innovative Strategy for the New Millennium

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Ajitha S Pisharady, Dr. Ravi Kumar J G


Noam Chomsky has described language as a process of free creation though bound by specific principles. He meant that any language is for communication that involves interpretation of ideas and use of words, creatively. English as second language has gained momentum with the whole world focusing on globalization. Meaningful, logical communication is the need of the hour and so, English language classes are expected to deal with real world communication. English Language Teaching has seen many methodologies that focus on the learners’ aspirations and the new one is the Task Based Approach. Learning the language meaningfully is the main moto of this approach. Though initiated as a part of Communicative Approach, Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT) has its own position in ELT. The present paper explores the what, how and why of TBLT and also discusses about the advantages and disadvantages of TBLT which is an innovative way to teach the millennials.

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