Performance analysis of Variable Compression Ratio Engine using Argemone Mexicana Biodiesel

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Manas Ranjan Padhi, Shubham Chakraborty


Alternate fuel has gained increasing attention among researchers in twenty first century due to continuous rise in conventional fossil fuel price. The fossil fuels like diesel and petrol are also not environmental friendly as they produce noxious gases. Biodiesel is one of the most prominent alternate fuels as its properties are similar to that of diesel. Researches are being carried out on enhancing performance parameters of internal combustion engine by using different biodiesels and engine modifications are suggested accordingly. To do modification in existing engine is not a cost effective affair. In the present work, attempt has been made to prepare biodiesel from Argemone Mexicana and run a variable compression ratio (VCR) diesel engine without any engine modification. The performance results obtained are within acceptable limits.

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