Increasing of the Blind Students’ Mathematical Imagination through Inquiry-Based Learning Assisted with Manipulative Props

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Dr.(Cand). Sugiman, Dr. Emi Pujiastuti, Siska Dwi Lestari


Mathematical imagination is needed by students with special needs, specially the blind students in learning mathematics. This can be done through Inquiry-based learning model assisted with manipulative props. This study aims to find out whether the blind students’ mathematical imagination in inquiry-based learning assisted with manipulative props increases; describe the benefit of manipulative props in increasing the blind students’ mathematical imagination, using inquiry-based learning. This research is a mixed methods research namely quantitative and qualitative approach.  The Research Subjects was the blind student in class VII of academic year 2018/2019 of State Extraordinary School of Salatiga.  The data take from   mathematical imagination test, observation, interview, and document assessment. Based on the data analysis, the results show that the blind students’ mathematical imagination increased after the implementation of inquiry-based learning assisted with manipulative props. Manipulative props with inquiry-based learning increased the blind students’ mathematical imagination of circle circumference and area materials with Good Category, marked with all indicators and good category of mathematical imagination’s sub indicators, good category of creativity of mathematical imagination, and good category of productivity in mathematical imagination. In learning at this school, it was important to teachers to implement this inquiry-based learning with manipulative props.

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