Doorway for Spending Autonomy: A Study on Usage of E-Wallets in Gujarat

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Dr. Komal Mistry


With the expansion of internet network the economy has boost in e-commerce together with the digitization of the payment process.  Now a day, there is an increased use of various online payment methods in financial transactions like debit / credit cards, Mobile Banking, E-wallets, electronic cash, etc. Amongst all the available options, Mobile / Smart phones have facilitated doing many activities online. Mobile payments have been in use for several years and have gained its position among users as a result Mobile payments are a top most priority for banks. The E-Wallet is a new function of mobile payment that supplements a conventional wallet with many additional services. E-Wallet offers services related to banking transactions, inter account fund transfer, value-added services such as recharge, shopping, bookings and bill payments. This paper is aimed at evaluating usage and growth of E-Wallets. Moreover study analyze factors influencing and challenging while usage of E-Wallets.


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