An Indian Perspective On Online Gaming As An Emerging Profession

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Dr.Ritesh Verma, Ashok Kumar


Initially, playing an online game was only for pleasure and amusement, but in recent years, it has developed as a fantastic possibility by combining fun with money and fame. The advancement of visuals and sound has resulted in a significant shift in the gaming industry. The gaming industry's growth rate now exceeds that of the film and sports industries in North America combined. Not only children or teenagers, but adults of all ages are so engrossed in gaming that many of them have turned their pastime into a career. Domestic and international competitions are being organised, and participants may make a lot of money while having fun.


This research study focuses on the prospects accessible in the gaming business, particularly in India. This study report also examines the gaming industry's prospects in India. The research report includes a series of questions designed to elicit information about players such as their incomes, interests, and expectations.


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