The Frequency of Words as Per Furlough’s Model on Imran Khan`s Speech in United Nations General Assembly

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Muhammad Rashid, DR. Mian Shah Bacha


The objective of this research study is to analyze the Imran Khan’s speech delivered in the United Nations General Assembly by applying the Fairclough’s 3D model. Transcription of Imran Khan’s speech at United Nations General Assembly has been taken as data for research. A quantitative research methodology was used in the study to expose levels of transitivity. Clause is the basic unit for analysis in transitivity. All the clauses of the whole speech have been tabulated. All the themes in the speech like the theme of money laundering, climate change, Islamophobia and Kashmir issue have been examined in this research study. Participants, process types and circumstances have been investigated deeply. However, in this research article; the focus has been upon the frequency of words as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Here, the frequency of nouns has more than the frequency of other words and such frequency has been done through the process of participants, process types and circumstances which has clearly and systematically conveyed the ideas to the supposed readers.

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