Development Of Framework To Recognize Akhara-Muni Character Using Ann

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Meenakshi, Neha Goutam, Raghavendra S., 4Manjunath R., Santosh Kumar J


Pattern recognition problem always be a tough task because of the different type of shape of the characters and it became more challenging when ancient script is going to recognize. Various types of Ancient scripts are available in India and Akhara-muni is one of them scripts. To recognize the Akhara-muni character with good performance is the main task of the study. Optical character recognition technique is used to recognize the Akhara-muni characters where this study is used zoning and density method to extract the features and ANN to classify the Akhara-muni character. Achieved accuracy by the proposed system is 87.24%, which is better than the previous Akhara-muni character recognition system.

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