Nfc Tag Resources For Accessing Fitness Information Using Ewebehr

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Midhun Kumar Ayyalraj, Dr. S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan


With the help of microcontrollers, sensors and transceivers the computing process with each physical object are said to be equipped and also it authorize the communication and moreover it is built with the suitable protocol stakes. It helps for the interaction process with each other and it communicates with the users. This computing process is termed as Internet of Things (IoT). To analyze a large amount of data in the several new forms and to communicate the real–time medical information to the cloud are said to be activated with the help of context-based mechanisms. The continuous existing medical information can be accessed with the help of the internet and additionally it is also connected to the existing device. The IoT used in each device is limited with battery power. The power consumption needs to be enhanced for the life of the health care system in a proper manner using NFC card reader. The use of NFC tag is introduced in health care domain for monitoring patients health process and maintaining records. In a regular monitoring process the IoT technology needs to be authorized with the other existing devices simultaneously for the purpose of further enhancement with good quality. The data collection that is stored in the form of paper records are completely reduced along with analysis cost and it is actively engaged in the following process.

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