How Knowledge Base View (KBV) Strategy AffectsCompetitiveAdvantagein The Energy Sector

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Muhammad Thoha, Hari Susanta Nugraha, Nelly Rhosyida


This study aims to examine the Knowledge Base View (KBV) Strategy Practice in achieving the competitive advantage of PT. Pertamina. This study uses a literature review method in the form of books, research results, journal articles, and other scientific sources. From the findings, it is concluded thatPertamina's knowledge management methods for competitive advantage are built on three pillars of knowledge management: people, processes, and technology. Pertamina focuses on the establishment of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in order to facilitate the sharing of individual expertise at the organizational level, transforming it into Pertamina's organizational knowledge assets. Pertamina's knowledge production process is based on the SECI model. Knowledge is obtained and transmitted to other persons (knowledge sharing) both online (via the KM portal) and offline, and is then applied by all Pertamina work units spread across Indonesia. The knowledge-based perspective highlights the critical nature of information transfer between individuals, internal and external organizations in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

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