Effects of Covid-19 on Agro-Food Industry and Transitions towards Food Security in India

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Dr. Veena Soni, Dr. Hemakshi Chokshi


Global pandemics, pestilences, and sickness episodes have tormented mankind for a very long time. Notwithstanding, the scale and spread of pandemics and pestilences expanded definitely in late history. Presently, COVID-19 pandemic (respiratory sickness) brought about by SARS-CoV-2 infection assaulting dismay all throughout the planet. The infectious nature of the illness influenced the worldwide and neighborhood economies and social orders. Countries are compelled to carry out careful step like limitation of portability to stop the spread of sickness, which unfathomably influencing the major financial areas including food and farming industry. The careful steps, for example, travel limitations upset the food creation, conveyance, and store network. The effect is broadly seen on animals and hydroponics cultivating, which undermines the food security and calls for sure fire strategy intercessions from the public authority. This part researches the difficulties presented by COVID-19 pandemic on horticultural area and food industry in India and decide the conceivable mitigation measures. The investigation introduced the suggestion to call for government support in reinforce approaches to help horticultural area exercises to accomplish changes towards food security during and post-pandemic period.

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