Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards Biomedical Waste Management Among Dental Post Graduate Students in Lucknow City- A Cross Sectional Study

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Benazir Alam, Shitanshu Malhotra, Manu Narayan


Aim:To assess the knowledge, attitude and practices towards biomedical waste management among dental post graduate students in Lucknow city- a cross sectional study.

Settings and design: A descriptive cross- sectional survey was conducted among the dental students (300 students) in Lucknow city.

Materials and method: Total sample size from 5 dental colleges achieved was 300.  Knowledge, attitude and practice towards dental waste management was assessed using pretested structured questionnaire containing 28 items.

Statistical analysis:Discrete (categorical) data will be summarized in number (n) and percentage (%) and will be compared by Chi-square (χ2) test. A two-tailed p<0.05 will be considered as statistically significant. Analysis will be performed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) software version 23.

Results: Out of 300 participants 30% were   males and 70% were females. Majority (93.7%) of dental students were aware of the term biomedical waste and also most of them (97.7%)had a positive attitude regarding decontamination reducing the chances of infection.

Conclusion: Though dental students have good knowledge but they were not aware of colour coding in disposing the infectious waste and not practicing appropriate method of handling the dental waste.

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