Magneto Optical and Structural Properties of Ni, Ca, and Fe Doped ZnO Nanoparticles by Single-Step Method

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Mohamed Haroon Basha A , Steffi PF, Sangeetha K , Bhuvaneswari P, Thamilmaraiselvi B, Mishel PF


Nanostructures of metal oxides are used for determining the optical, electrical and magnetic properties. In this Research work, Composites of nano structured Zno were prepared and their optical and magnetic properties are determined. The prepared composites are composed of ZnNiCaFeO using Co precipitation method. Bare Zno are also prepared to distinguish the role of nano composites and their properties are compared with the composite materials. ZnNiCaFeO exhibited hexagonal wurtzite structure with the grain size about 54nm and 44 nm respectively.From the FESEM and EDAX analysis, Hexagonal nanorod structured morphology and the atomic percentage of the prepared composites are obtained.UV-Vis absorption spectra showed the absorption peak at 298nm for Zno and 288 nm for ZnNiCaFeONPs. Excitation wavelength of the composite materials are obtained  from the PL studies. The significant magnetization values of 0.32914 emu/g. of composite ZnNiCaFeO are  exhibited with ferromagnetic behavior. The results indicated the composites can be used in soft magnetic application  as in various optical applications..

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