The Right of Custody of Childern in a Dispute between Parents

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Shahzad Atiq


The recent trend in our society is seeing an exemplar change in matrimonial relationships, with an increasing number of separation cases, particularly since the last two decades, while more and more middle and lower-middle class couples have been approaching family courts for divorce, resulting in the rise of bitter child custody battles. The innocent child/ children are often being used as a tool to seek vengeance by vindictive litigants who feel no hesitation in inflicting relentless emotional and psychological violence on the child. Among many implications that a divorce has on the individual, family and society at large, the children of divorced couples are the ones who bear the brunt of the entire process. It is a common practice among couples to use kids as pawns in this game of emotional chess and it amounts to absolutely irresponsible parenting to scar children emotionally post separation. In due course the parents move on with their lives and onto other partners but the children carry the trauma of being manipulated and ragged apart emotionally, throughout their lives.

The voluminous loads of family cases, the separating parents go to the extent of contesting their cases till its final intercession before the court of last option just to let each other down instead of resorting to affect be consistent with for the better and favorable upbringing of their children.

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