Amendment in Hadood Ordinance and Addition of New Section

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Azra Qadir


Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam. People of indo-pak struggle for independent motherland, where they spend their lives according to teaching of Islam. They sacrifice their lives, properties and respects. According to the constitution of Pakistan Islam is the state religion and all high officials should be Muslims. So according to the constitution’s 8th amendment, The Offence of Zina (Enforcement of Hadood ordinance 1979. Theoffence of QAZF Enforcement of HADD) ordinance 1979 was implemented in the country. Islamic punishments are imposed by the courts and cases are registered according to these laws. But due to misuse of these laws women are punished. Now these laws are amended and addition the more section in PPC and Hadood ordinance, AQZF ordinance, and dissolution of Muslims Marriage Acts.

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