A Study of Animal Symbols in Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi”

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Mr. M. Arul Darwin, Dr. J. Arul Anand


            Symbolism plays a vital role in literature. By attaching additional meaning, symbols help writers to express poetically and effectively. Every writer has his own way of using symbols to poetically convey ideas through their works. Yann Martel is one such writer who used various types of symbols in his novels to project his themes and the inner and outer conscious of his characters. His symbolic way of writing enhances his narrative style to the next level to mesmerize his readers. In his novels, he used many allegorical representations that portray the human traits and tendencies that emanates in life. Moreover, his animal symbolism is much noted for its powerful representations that represent human virtues and vices. Life of Pi is one such novel that has animal symbols to the core in unleashing the life cycle, human psychology and human philosophy. The animal symbols also emanate religious, spiritual, hierarchy, power, trust, hope and other virtues and vices through their actions.

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