spelling games: an action research at the primary level

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Ananya Changkakoti, Dr.Dulumoni Goswami


The purpose of this research was to study the effect of spelling games errors for improving spellings of a group of Grade 6 ES students. The research was conducted on a provincialized high school. It was designed under the paradigm of action research. A total sample of 34 students were selected for the study. The students were divided into Control group (N = 17) and Experimental group (17). The experimental group was provided with the intervention programme. The control group received the usual classroom instructions. The intervention period was carried out for four weeks. A post-test was conducted on both the groups to find out whether the intervention programme has improved spelling errors of the Experimental group.  The results of the study were derived from quantitative and qualitative data. The results showed that the intervention programme improved students’ spelling in English writing. The research has implications that the teachers of English should make proper implementation of the programme to facilitate and minimise the spelling errors of the ESL learners.

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