Study of Form, Color, and Activity Mapping for Fully Autonomous Passenger Drone Interiors

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Ms. Meenakshi Mishra, Dr. Deepak John Mathew


Passenger drones are currently being developed in some countries to solve the purpose of point-to-point commute. Even though passenger drones have been developed and are developing in some countries, the studies done on designing the interiors have focused on the western audience. Therefore, an in-depth study is required to create cabin interiors for passenger drones, which can suit the country's varied aspects like India. This paper focuses on the user requirements based on a survey of the color, form, and possible future inflight activities conducted for interior design and development for passenger drones. The methodology used was a survey among the potential users. To understand the interaction, color, and form, and map the needs and activities of the passengers in a fully autonomous passenger drone, literature review on proposed activities, future trends of color and form forecast of the transportation industry was studied and used as an input for questionnaire design. An online survey was conducted to gain insights on capturing the futuristic travel experience and activities when inside a fully autonomous cabin. Questions related to the future prediction of automotive trends and possible activities within the cabin were asked. Quantitative data analysis was done after converting the data to a pivot chart. The paper explores and discusses an overview of the future form and color trends and mapping future possible inflight activities in a fully autonomous passenger drone. It also discusses the various possibilities that can be explored to design and develop a passenger drone interior cabin.

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