Role of Media in Achieving a Sustainable Society

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Prof. Sanjeev Sood, Prof. (Dr.) Amit Chawla, Rishabh Sood, Sayani Chawla


This paper studies media’s role in contributing towards a sustainable society. The term sustainable development and a sustainable society are well-defined in particular in the context of India’s pursuit of Digital India. Despite the Indian Government’s future vision for India and the subsequent careful and well-planned policies, an ever growing population will predictably mean an augmented pressure on the society, environment and culture. Therefore, it is argued that if India is serious in following a path of sustainable development, the Indian population needs a behavior change towards sustainable actions. This change in behavior cannot be accomplished by itself but needs conscious efforts on the part of the society and government as a whole. It is recommended that Education for Sustainable Development of all sections of society can contribute to this behavioral change. Bearing in mind that a considerable part of the Indian population is not enrolled in the formal education system, the case is made for an increased role of the media in spreading Education for Sustainable Development. Numerous recommendations are then made as to how the current developments in the media sector can be utilized to make continuous progress towards a sustainable Indian society.

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