Evaluation of English Textbook

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Mezid Endris


Textbooks play significant role in teaching and learning process. This paper intends to evaluate grade six English language learning textbooks. This study uses a combined and contextualized evaluation checklist from available textbook evaluation checklists. It directly concern with grade six students textbook evaluation of odd units of the text. The main objective of this textbook evaluation is to find out the best material as source of language teaching and learning that will fit to the learners and to identify the weak side which mentioned in the textbook. Furthermore, after discussing textbook evaluation through checklists some suggestions for curriculum designers and teachers have been proposed. The findings suggest that the investigated textbooks work for the designed course. The findings of this study can be useful for researchers and students. Moreover, it is recommended that textbooks must be revised from time to time to obtain definite language learning objectives. The book being evaluated lacks innovation, students’ interest, and relevant content and appropriate skills.

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