Perception of Pregnant Women Satisfaction towards Antenatal Care Service in Bule Hora General Hospital

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Habtam Setegn


The objective of this study is assessment of perception of pregnant women satisfaction towards antenatal care service in Bule Hora General Hospital. A cross-sectional study design with mixed research approach was employed in this study. Both primary and secondary data were used as a source of study. In-depth interview and questionnaire were used to collect necessary data. Descriptive data analyses with the help of SPSS were conducted. Accordingly, the result of the finding reveals that regardless of difference in level of dissatisfaction among the five dimensions of service quality, generally pregnant women are unsatisfied towards quality of antenatal care service in Bule Hora General Hospital. The major factors which influence perception of pregnant women satisfaction are Physical Facilities, Trustworthiness, Quick and Prompt Responses, Knowledge of Professionals, and Individual and personal attention. On the basis of the result the researcher recommends the following things for the concerned body, providing quick and spontaneous service for pregnant women, keep error-free records of each of pregnant women, give more training for employees to improve their communication skills, and building a more comfortable physical environment which includes modern equipment and materials.

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