Ethio-Eritrean Peace Reconciliation: It’s Implication for RSC of IGAD

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This article is written on the Regional Security Complex (RSC) of Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD). The paper has critically scrutinized how the Regional Security Complex (RSC) of IGAD Region looks like. The notion of RSC which was brought by Barry Buzan into the discourse of peace and security has been employed to scrutinize regional security complex of IGAD. Moreover, the article mentioned different cases to show how geographical proximity, amity and enmity, and the advent of peace deals affected the RSC of a given Region: Ethio-Eritrean peace reconciliation in IGAD Region and Camp David Accord in Middle East has been taken as examples to scrutinize RSC of the aforementioned Region. Finally, the article wrap up, the happening of conflict or cooperation in one of the state would not only affect that state alone, rather, it would have a spillover effect on the entire RSC. 

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