The Challenges of Environmental Security in IGAD Region a case study of Ethiopia and Kenya

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Abyew Teshome


This study explains in detail about the main challenges of environmental security in IGAD member states a case study of Ethiopia and Kenya.  To deeply investigate the root causes of the problem, the researcher has employed a qualitative approach, which is followed by document analysis as instrument of data collections. The issue of environmental security is a hot issue which catches the eye of many academicians, experts and the global population as a whole. A number of agreements were held in different countries regarding on the issue of securing the environment from harm. Still there are countries which are not changing these agreements in to practice. The impact of environmental security is affects the glob as a whole rather than confined in a particular area. The severity of the problem of course varies from area to area. Now a day environmental issues are the nucleus of human security. In the absence of healthy environment attaining human security specifically in the 21th century is unthinkable.  Drought occurs here and there in IGAD members, because of the degradation of the environment by so many factors.  Ethiopia and Kenya are the victims of environmental insecurity in the region in a sever way. The rapid growth  of population, inappropriate agricultural practice, too much dependency on the use of fuel wood for house hold energy and deforestation as well as overgrazing of lands are the most serious factors which threaten the environment in Ethiopia and Kenya.  Consequently, many individuals are lead a miserable life and some others are migrating to outside world in search of better income and healthy environment. the researcher recommend that the Ethiopian Green Economy concept should be consolidated and developed to create sustainable development which goes hand to hand with the environment. Like the Ethiopian Green Economy concept the Kenyan Green Belt Movement should be consolidated to create a healthy environment. Moreover, using substituted energy source is important like solar energy rather than always relying on fuel wood.

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