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Abyew Teshome Asfaw, Alazar Melkamu


This study assesses good security sector governance in Gulele sub-city by taking Addis Ababa police at center of the study. The research is conducted by assessing the opinion of the community at grass root level on whether there is good governance in the security sector or not and how the practice looks like on the ground. To this end the researchers have employed a mixed research approach followed by questionnaire and in-depth interview as a data collection tools. The study found that there is good governance in Addis Ababa police particularly the police department of Gulele sub city by measuring its overall performances using different parameters such as accountability, transparency, and public participation, rule of law, public control as well as effectiveness and efficiency.  Accordingly, the security sector of Addis Ababa particularity the police department of Gulele sub city has a good practice of good security sector governance. All most all elements of good security sector governance except the principle of civilian control are labeled as more or less present and are being practiced at grass root level by the police. Thus, the level or degree of implementation of good security sector governance in the sub-city can be portrayed as fairly good. The study generally reveals, police is adherent and restrict to the principles of good governance and stands to serve the public interest despite some inaccuracies and dissatisfactions raised by the public and different groups questioning its actions.


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