Income and Expenditure of Kutia Kandha, Dongria Kandha and Lanjia Soura (The Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups of Odisha): A Case Study

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Mukunda Mallick, Dr. Parikshita Khatua


The tribal Population in Odisha and in the country as a whole is most deprived and vulnerable tribe that faces ruthless economic exclusion. In the tribal map of India Odisha occupies a unique position having 62 tribes and 13 Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs). The paper discusses the income and expenditure profile of three PTGs, Kutia Kandha, Dongria Kandha and Lanjia Saura. Total 800 households from Kandhamal and KBK districts of Odisha were randomly selected and head of the households were interviewed for data collection. The data was collected through interview method using pretested, structured schedule. The finding reveals that the annual income of a Lanjia Soura is higher than that of Dongria Kandha and Kutia Kandha. But Per Capita Income is comparatively less amid Kutia Kandha and Lanjia Saora than Dongria Kandha. Out of entire income, contribution of agriculture is approximately same amid Lanjia Soura (63%) and Dongria Kandha (64%) and relatively less among Kutia Kandha (44%). This paper describes that the primitive tribal communities are lagging behind the mainstream population with respect to income and expenditure and thus there is an urgent need to provide income generating activities to develop their socio economiccondition.

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