Preventing Parkinson’s illness Using Machine Learning Classification Techniques

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J V Pavithra, Dr. B. Geethavani, G. Indravathi


Parkinson’s illness is the most prevalent neurodegenerative syndrome suffering 15 million people whole world. Parkinson’s illness is not possible to diagnosing because there is no single test which can be directed for diagnosing. For these complications, to inspect a machine learning method to exactly identify Parkinson’s, using a specified dataset. To stop this problem in health areas, have to forecast the disease affected or not by detection correctness calculating with support of machine learning methods. The main goal is to identify machine learning based methods for Parkinson illness by forecast outcomes are in the best correctness with discovery of classification analysis report. The results are analyzing with the support of the SMLT. To detention some information’s like, mutable identification, bi-variate analysis, multi-variate and uni-variate analysis, missing value conducts and evaluate the information authentication, information preparing and information visualization will be complete on the whole given dataset. In the quantitative assessment strategy for c asset dependent on MapReduce figuring mode was advanced right now. To propose, a machine learning-based technique to exactly forecast the illness by speech indication by forecast results in the method of best correctness and moreover comparation the results of different machine learning algorithms from the given hospital dataset with estimation organization report, identify the result displays that GUI with best exactness with accuracy, Recall, F1 Score specificity and understanding.

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