Developing Thai Reading Skills for Primary School students by Tailoring Them to each Learner Using Machine Learning Technique

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Asst.Prof.Dr.Prapai Sridama, Chopaka Siribut


The objective in this research is to solve Thai reading skills to primary school students with developing e-Learning system, which uses the Machine Learning technique for adapting the lesson in each student. The sample group in this research uses 350 students from many schools, which are in Bangkok. The efficiency of Machine Learning technique can memorize behavior of students, while those students are doing their exercises. For example, the students read Thai words in their exercises and the students cannot read some Thai words, e-Learning system records those Thai words and gives an opportunity to redo those exercises. Furthermore, Machine Learning technique can know the Thai reading skill when students used the system and can help to adjust the lessons, which are within this e-Learning system by to suit the potential of each individual. The results of this research are 1) the students more spent times for reading with the e-Learning system than spent times for reading with Thai books. In addition, and 2) this research can increase the reading skills to primary school students, who approximately increase ten percent.

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