A Literature Review on the use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Polymer Impregnated Concrete.

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K. Mukesh, Kalpana Mohan


Concrete is a mixture of concrete, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water. Solid plays an important role in the development of foundations, for example, structures, contemporary structures, expansions, and throughways, among other things, necessitating the use of a large quantity of cement. On the other hand, the cost of cement is attributed to the expense of its fixings, which are scarce and costly, prompting the exploitation of less expensive components in its production. This prerequisite is taken from the consideration of agents to research novel cement replacements. The current specialised paper is concerned with investigating the properties of cement with partial replacement of concrete with Ground Granulated Blast Heater Slag (GGBHS). The issue deals with the usage of GGBS and the benefits as well as drawbacks of using it in concrete. This exploitation of GGBS fills in as a replacement for previously exhausted normal structure materials in the ongoing years, and as a by-product, it fills in as an Eco-Friendly technique of using the item without dumping it on the ground.


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