The Inclusion of Science Passion Criteria in Chemistry and Earth Sciences Textbooks for 10th Grade in Jordan

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Abdallah Khataybeh, Sameera Alshorman, Razan Shatnawi, Wafa Bakheet, Karam Dagamseh


This study aims to analyse the 10th grade Chemistry and Earth Sciences textbooks, to identify the extent to which these textbooks incorporate the criteria of scientific passion, and to draw a comparison between the two textbooks. Qualitative descriptive study and content analysis methods were used. The research instrument included a special measurement tool designed by the researchers, consisting of eleven main criteria, with additional sub-indicators for each. The frequencies and percentages of each criterion were calculated. The results showed that the “Flexibility” criterion ranked first in the level of inclusion of criteria in both textbooks at 23.3% in Chemistry and 24% in Earth Sciences textbooks, followed by “motivation”, “Get involved”, The “Lifelong learning” and “Research and investigation skills” criteria, "Sharing”, “Independence" and “create positive emotion". Whereas, “Behavioural persistence and practice”, “Adventure” and “Directing goals” criteria did not exist in both textbooks.

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