Enterprise Innovation-Driven Apprenticeship: A Suggested Programme

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Assistant. Prof. Dr. Phoyen, Kamol, Dr. Boonroungrut, Chinun


Apprenticeship or professional training is essential for every curriculum at the undergraduate level because direct experiences gained from on-the-job training are beneficial for students to prepare themselves for their future careers. Bridging the gap between theory or research and the real-world business context, apprenticeship plays an important role in the cultivation of talents for the creation of innovation. This article reviews the theoretical bases related to apprenticeship explained by Chickering’s Theory of Student Development, Authentic Learning, Kolb and Experiential Learning Model and Practical Intelligence Model. On the basis of the relevant theories of learning, the author proposes a systematic and integrated model of apprenticeship ‘Enterprise Innovation-driven Apprenticeship Programme’, which is proven as a proper learning management system to support an innovation creation to the satisfaction of an enterprise. An example of a successful training is presented herein. The model of Enterprise Innovation-driven Apprenticeship Programme is a 16-week practical programme with explicit descriptions of how learning and application are developed within four phases of training, namely, Phase 1: Orientation and Adjustment of Trainees, Phase 2: Assignment Performance in Search of Creative Innovation, Phase 3: Proposal of Innovation-driven Project and Phase 4: Innovation Project in Action.

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