Context of Public Education Policies in Educational Institutions in East Lima, Peru

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Diaz Dumont Jorge Rafael, Ledesma Cuadros Mildred Jénica, Taipe Ledesma Sergio Martin, Tito Cárdenas Julia Victoria, Rojas Vargas Sofia, Diaz Tito Luis Pablo


The general objective of this article is to describe the differences that exist between the different factors that influence Educational Public Policies in the Educational Institutions of East Lima in Peru. It is a study based on the positivist paradigm with a quantitative approach. The research is descriptive and comparative, it analyzes the context in which Public Policies are developed in Peru. The variable Educational Public Policies is theorized and contextualized to the current situation; the population of teachers from different educational institutions in East Lima is considered for the analysis, the sample was represented by 246 teachers from the institutions under study. The results indicate that there are significant differences between the different factors that influence the Educational Public Policies in the Educational Institutions, which can be seen in the result when applying the non-parametric Friedman test, where a significant p_value < ,05 was obtained; which implies evaluating the current policies and taking a series of adjustment measures, specific to each dimension of the study.

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