Using Quizizz To Improve Reading Comprehension Learning

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Suwarto Suwarto


This study aimed to improve students’ reading comprehension achievement using Quizizz. This study used classroom action research with two cycles. There were three meetings in each cycle. The subjects were 22 students from Year 11 at a vocational high school in Kradenan, Blora Central Java, Indonesia. The researchers used three instruments to collect the data, namely tests, observation sheets, and questionnaires. The result showed that the students’ reading comprehension achievement could be improved by using Quizizz. This is evident by the increased mean scores of the test results from 57.73 (pre-test) to 75 (post-test) in cycle I, and 60.00 (pre-test) to 81.36 (post-test) in cycle II. The results of the t-test in cycle I and cycle II were significant, whereas the percentage of completeness in pre-cycle, cycle I, and cycle II also increased significantly. Finally, there was an increased positive response to using Quizizz as most students chose “agree” to learn reading comprehension using Quizizz in cycle I, and “strongly agree” in cycle II.

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