Conceptualising Positive School Attributes from the Teachers’ Perspective: A Study in Penang

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Avinash Auliah, Thien Lei Mee, Murugan Rajoo


Exploring Positive School Attributes (PSA) is an effort to bridge the gap in the literature concerning Malaysian School Effectiveness Research. This research aims to explore Positive School Attributes from the teachers' perspectives. To better understand PSA in the local setting, the qualitative method was employed to understand the phenomenon. The samples of 16 teachers from regular secondary schools were selected as the participants for the qualitative method. The interview data were analysed using thematic analysis. Qualitative findings revealed four themes: Stimulating Positive Emotion, Fostering Positive Relationship, Nurturing Positive Accomplishment, and Nurturing Positive Leadership. The discussion also stressed the importance of the results in proposing additional insight into Malaysian schools. The study also crucially implies a need for both practitioners and policymakers to emphasise the PSA.

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