A study on dealers perception of organic food products with respect to vellore district.

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Dr.Elantheraiyan.P, Dr.M.S.R.Mariayappan


Enlightened dealers have changed their business gears towards organic food products. But a huge challenge before them is making the consumers to buy it. These dealers unlike huge retail outlets and organic food companies they are finding it a bit difficult to market the organic products to the Vellore consumers who are bit price conscious and they fail in the convincing the consumers and gaining their trust. Most of the consumers nowadays have become health conscious but apart from it price, certification, reliability, accessibility and ready availability are the hardships which they face in the current situation. The dealers of organic food products fail miserably in these areas and they try their level best by marketing the organic food products nutritional value which in most of the cases doesn’t work. Unlike other inorganic products the organic products production cost and meeting the consumers demand at the right time is huge head for most of the dealers. They need to brainstorm and devise plan to create awareness in such away the consumers accept their products and integrate these products in their daily routine and fuel the organic food products market which build a healthy society and benefit mutually in all aspects. In future one day on the other the people may boycott all the food products which can create hazards and breed diseases and bank upon the healthy organic food products.

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