Ho Chi Minh's Thought on Promoting the Human Factor and the Application of that Thought in the Current Situation in Vietnam Today

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Dr. Nguyen Minh Tri, Dr. Pham Duy Hoang


Promoting the human factor plays a particularly important role, being the driving force in promoting the socio-economic development of each country in this era. Therefore, most countries in the world, including Vietnam, consider investment in human development as the goal of their development strategy. Ho Chi Minh's thought on man and promoting the human factor is a comprehensive, various and profound system of views, occupying a central position in his entire thought. The noble purpose and the whole life of Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary activities are class liberation, national liberation and human liberation. This is the inheritance and creative development of ideas about people in the national and human cultural treasures in general and Marxism-Leninism in particular.

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