Developing a Model for Cultural and Creative Arts Instructional Resources for Junior Secondary School Students

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Adaora Unoma Echezona, Ifeoma Agatha Uzoma, Francisca Tochukwu Udu, Daniel Danlami Baba


Educational resources are veritable tools for the transmission of ideas from the teacher to the learner(s). However, instructional resources are insufficient in Nigerian lower basic secondary schools. In line with the objectives of Cultural and Creative Arts studies in Nigeria, these resources to a large extent are meant to be more indigenous to be useful in instilling cultural consciousness in the learners. This research, therefore, focused on the utilization of local materials, and their development into useful instructional resources for the teaching of cultural and creative arts in Nigerian secondary schools. The research adopted the descriptive survey and research and development designs; and the instruments for gathering data were oral interviews, questionnaires, participant and non-participant observations. Five secondary schools offering Cultural and Creative Arts in Anambra State were purposively selected. The researchers recommends that there should be a wide acceptance of cultural and creative arts (CCA) at all levels of secondary education and the government should be able to formulate common goals and objectives of the studies. The research would be useful in stimulating fresher ideas on how to explore the immediate environment in developing instructional resources in Nigerian secondary schools.

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