Geoinformatics For Police Station – Wise Major Crimes Analysis In Tiruchirappalli City, Tamil Nadu

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P. Mary Santhi, S. Balaselvakumar, K. Kumaraswamy


This research is an attempt to study the major crimes police station-wise in Tiruchirappalli city. It reveals that Woraiyur (14.1%) and Srirangam (12.1%) police stations of Srirangam range, recorded the maximum major crimes. The maximum of robbery (57.3%) and a minimum of murder for gain (1.1%) and dacoity (0.7%) were reported. The maximum of major crimes (60.0%) was recorded in all the police stations of Srirangam range in 2014 and minimum (6.2%) was reported in all the police stations of Golden Rock range in 2014. Therefore, it is suggested that to setup police stations and their forces to be increased in proportion to the total population, hourly police patrolling during day and night, installing CCTVs cameras, preparing crime maps and city action plan periodically and systematically and knowing the crime-prone areas will help to reduce the major crimes in the city especially in Srirangam range.

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