Customer satisfaction as affected by business centralisation structure of selected pay-tv companies in lagos state, nigeria.

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Dr. Margret Nma Kabuoh, Omotayo Adebayo Adetunji, Babatunde Rasaki Sunmola, Dr.Goodluck Kelechi Nnorom


Customer satisfaction is critical for its reason why centralisation of businesses is relative to the performance of organisations across the business sphere. Several literatures on customer satisfaction observed that in order to survive in a competitive market, businesses must be centralized. The challenges in the industry have been attributed to the structural foundation of the organisations that has seen them falter in the Nigerian market. This study evaluates the effect of business centralisation on customer satisfaction of selected Pay-Tv platforms in Lagos State, Nigeria. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The population of the study was 3,700 employees of the selected Pay-Tv platforms in Lagos State, Nigeria. The sample size estimated through the Raosoft sample size calculator was 450 and they were selected through stratified sampling technique. A structured and adapted questionnaire was validated and used for the quantitative data. The reliability test yielded Cronbach’s Alpha coefficients for the constructs, ranging from 0.716- and 0.942. The response rate was 87%. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential (regression analysis) statistics quantitatively. Findings reveal that Centralisation has a significant effect on customer satisfaction of selected Pay-TV companies in Lagos, Nigeria = 0.166, t = 2.271, p = 0.000 <0.05). The study concluded that, though not much attention has been paid in the aspect of centralisation, businesses running Pay-Tv platforms should develop and harmonise suitable structures that effectively handle the dynamics of their business environment. The management of Pay-Tv platforms should pay more attention to internally produced contents which will give room for the customers’ expression and attachment to such brand. Customers are attached to brands for some specific reasons.

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