Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education: Terminologies, Approaches, Similarities, and Differences

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Midya Yousefi, Rohini Devi


The impact of internationalization and globalization on the identity, action, and practice of the higher education domain has become a dominant subject matter in current studies. However, the more these dichotomous concepts are used, the more their notions clash, and confusion increases. On one side, the increase in the international competition among universities is due to swift globalization, on the other side, the impact of Covid 19 consequences recently push universities towards re-evaluation, changing, or formulating novel approaches and frameworks that allow them to accelerate international and global activities. Since the image of internationalization and globalization is ambiguous, this research aims to reimagine both terms in the current academic situation. Regarding review and illustrate these changes and challenges mentioned, this article is adopted a qualitative critical reflection discussion to synthesize appropriate dimensions for internationalization and globalization which link these two terms in higher education. Therefore, this paper provides a discussion on the definition of terms, timeframe, and applicable approaches for awareness of educational leaders and policymakers to implement and integrate updated strategies internationally and globally in higher education.

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