Performance of Private Universities Lecturers During Covid-19 Pandemic: Webinars And Online Training

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Dina Novita, Mochamad Mochklas


All activities during the Covid-19 pandemic must be carried out at home to avoid the spread of the corona virus. Lecturers who are professional educators and scientists have an important role in the success of implementing higher education. Therefore, lecturers are required to have high performance in carrying out the Tri Dharma (Three Obligations) of higher education. Developing the competence of lecturers during the Covid-19 pandemic is by participating in webinars and online training. This research is very important to analyze the effect of webinars and online training on lecturer performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research approach is quantitative, with a population of lecturers in private universities in Surabaya. The questionnaire was created using google form and sent via the WA group of private university lecturer in Surabaya. The data that entered during June-August 2020 were 318, and the incoming data was processed using the Partial Least Square (PLS) method using the WarpPLS 7.0 application. The results of research on lecturers' activities in participating in webinars, online training has a significant positive effect on lecturer performance. Simultaneous webinars and online training have a significant positive effect on lecturer performance.

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