Social Theology from a National Perspective in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

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Dr. Ratna Saragih, Meditatio Situmorang,Th.M, Marlinawati Situmorang,Ed.M


Although the social theology practiced by religious institutions in Indonesia is still practiced at the internal level in this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic period, yet it has not touched lives or brought people together as one nation. Social theology practices in multi-religious countries like Indonesia are not only done at the internal level, but they go beyond the religious groups. Therefore, in line with this reality, it is necessary to renew the concept of social theology. This renewal of social theology is very important because current social theology is still oriented towards the lives of religious groups and has not yet led to a multi-religious nation living together. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, religious institutions are obligated to pay attention to fellow human beings without differentiating between faith, race, and ethnicity. Thus, this study aims to renew social theology in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. This research uses qualitative research with phenomenological methods, which show that social theology can only be social theology from a national perspective that is new and relevant in the ongoing Covid-19 era in Indonesia. Social theology practices are demonstrated with an attitude of living in solidarity with fellow humans without differentiating between religion, ethnicity, and race. It showed that interfaith solidarity is a practiced social theology (doing theology). Interfaith solidarity dreams of a life full of help in an effort to overcome national disasters and strengthen national unity.

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