Socio–Economic And Political Exclusion Of Transgenders In India

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Kumaradhas.J.P, Dr. P. K. Muthukumar


Transgender people are a diverse population of individuals who cross or transcend culturally defined categories of gender. Transgender persons are one such group of people who have been marginalized, abused, disdained and callously neglected community in almost every known society. Transgender is often used as an umbrella term to signify individuals who defy rigid, binary gender constructions and who express or present a breaking and blurring of culturally prevalent stereotypically gender roles. Their social exclusion from the mainstream society is being documented in the modern epoch, especially spotlighting social barriers and disabilities in attaining opportunities for a socially productive life. The aim of study is to highlight the socio-economic and political exclusion of trans-genders in India. With an increasing issues in India, one of the major social issues concerning within the country is the identity of transgender. Over a decade in India, the issue of transgender has been a matter of quest in both social and cultural context where gender equality still remains a challenging factor towards the development of society because gender stratification much exists in every spheres of life as one of the barriers prevailing within the social structure of India. Similarly the issue of transgender is still in debate and uncertain even after the Supreme of India recognize them as a third gender people. In this paper I express my views on the issue of transgender in defining their socio – cultural exclusion and inclusion problems and development process in the society, and Perceptions by the main stream.

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