Improvement Of Branding And Packaging For Empowering The Marketing Competitiveness Of Smes In The Udon Thani Province, Thailand

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Krairop Charoensopa, Wat Ploysri, Kotchaporn Thangunpai


Given the challenges of social inequality and economic disparity in running small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the objectives of this research were to: (1) analyze problems and needs of branding and packaging, (2) design branding and packaging for three SMEs, and (3) test the branding and packaging market of SMEs in Udon Thani to assess and promote the potential for marketing competitiveness of SMEs, which can be a part of reducing some of the challenges. The sample in the current study was comprised of: (1) 20 stakeholders who were interviewed to analyze the needs for branding and packaging through a focus group discussion, (2) a discussion with three branding and packaging experts to assess redesigned packaging for three SMEs, and (3) a survey of 200 SME consumers, via a questionnaire, to evaluate the new branding and packaging. The results of the study showed: (1) SMEs in Udon Thani had the need to design outstanding branding to represent group identity and convey the meaning and origin of the product, in addition to enhancing product differentiation and representing SME identity when the product was on the shelf; adding value to the product; protecting product integrity; and identifying product and producer contact information for consumers. (2) An expert evaluation of branding and packaging was developed by applying data from the problem and need analysis. (3) The market test revealed a high level of consumer satisfaction with regard to the branding and packaging of SMEs in Udon Thani.

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