Sustainable Development Goals (Sdgs) And Gender Equality In India – A Reality Check

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K Sukumaran, Former Dean,


Economic growth is crucial for any country as an indicator of development. However, a sustainable growth warrants development in a sustainable manner and required to register all round development that provide economic security to the marginalized and maintain environment sustainability.  After a challenging implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), United Nations has called for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the same has commenced since 2015 and the various targets are to be achieved by 2030. The objective of the paper is to assess the significance of SDGs and assess the progress of implementation in India.  Gender equality is one development agenda that the policy makers have been debating in India and the paper looks into the status of implementation. The methodology of the paper is to review the progress made in the implementation of SDGs in India. Existing literature on SDGs and Gender Equality would be reviewed to gather deeper understanding of the subject.  The paper is expected to help policy makers, practitioners and civil society in understanding the significance of ensuring gender equality and advocate for better policies and programs to correct the imbalance in gender equality.

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