Comparison between Online and Offline Teaching Effectiveness: An Empirical Study in the Context of H igher education

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Horsley Solomon P, Dr. Janak Singh Meena, Dr. Ram Chandra, Prakash Chand Meena, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Chhabra, Dr. Pravin Shahaji Bhale


This study entails a qualitative content analysis approach to review many published research work on online teaching and learning with a primary focus on how various theories and practices apply to the online teaching-learning environment. It primarily focuses on comparing learning outcomes in distance or online education and offline or face-to-face teaching. Several findings have concluded that online teaching as compared to offline teaching education have almost the same level of effectiveness and learning outcomes. (Pei & Wu, 2019) In various ways, online learning is undergoing tremendous changes and shall continue to grow at a faster pace in the coming days. There is an indication that online teaching is as effective as conventional classroom teaching-learning sessions, and it surely helps many students learn more effectively. Studies also confirm, if a higher education institution uses online learning to achieve optimization of cost, it can boost the learning efficiency. Therefore, the study lays forth a view for achieving cost-effectiveness in online education in terms of funding, time, and efforts. The number of 191 respondents as a sample was taken in respondents were considered and surveyed by a “structured questionnaire” created on five-point interval scale.

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