Digital Transformation of Services Marketing Through Leading Edge Technology

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Ankita Parikh, Dr. Ajay Trivedi


Today the companies are on the verge of transformation on digital grounds across the globe. So, it becomes more important for the companies to bring in some innovative changes in adopting the marketing strategies in order to make their products and services easily available at the customers’ disposal. The more effective the marketing strategy the better will be the impact on minds of the customers and this will automatically lead to value creation. This research mainly focused on the importance of services marketing from the digital transformation viewpoint of both the companies and the customers by adopting the 7 Ps of marketing method and by going through a detailed literature review study. The main objective of this research is to identify better opportunities for the successful growth of the companies on one hand and the customer satisfaction on the other hand. This paper outlines some of the most important and influencing factors which generally drive the digital marketing transformation. The marketers can get an opportunity to put their innovative ideas into practice and learn the art of extracting maximum output from the latest technologies available at their disposal.  In today’s digital era as the customers are taking lead or say the companies are becoming more customers centric, the marketers need to understand the changing landscape of digital transformation and its implications on practical grounds. Thus, this paper can drive the company's marketing transformation process on digital grounds with value creation and value addition.

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