Analysis of the population pyramid in Iraq in 2019 and its impact on the strength of the state

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Prof. Dr. Adnan Kadhum Jabbar Al-Shaibani , Shaima Metaeb Katoun Al-Dhalmi


 The study of age groups is an important introduction to the strength of the human state, represents one of the fundamental strengths of the state, being the population, especially the active and productive age groups. They are the pillars of the state's power and the engine of various economic and military activities, age groups are expressed by the population pyramid, expressed graphically, as the population pyramids vary between countries. In Iraq, the population pyramid is classified as a young pyramid, as a result of the increase in age groups represented by young people under 15 years and the working age population (15-64 years), this was one of the indicators of the state's strength, so it requires preparing strategic and future plans for the investment of this human wealth and according to a specific time period

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