Electrical Modelling of Neuron System for Deep Brain Stimulation Microelectrode

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Neeraj Tripathi, Vipan Kakkar


The neurons exhibit electrical behaviour and look like a circuit network The electrical modelling of neuron is presented for the development of suitable microelectrode. The neuron size is of the order of 1250 µm2 with diameter of 20 µm, for this study. The. variation in neuron capacitance is simulated for injected current varying from 0.1 nA – 0.3 nA. The capacitance of the neuron for different conductance, lower to higher, is measured and presented. This study includes the variation of membrane capacitances of neurons with same size but with different conductivity. Neurons may show excitation or inhabitation and this effect is simulated for 0.1 nA current. The results are useful for learning the response of neurons under external stimulating current. According to this paper suitable value for current is necessary for effective deep brain stimulation treatment.

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